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What to look for in Fair Oaks Bankruptcy Attorneys

Businessman Choosing The Right DoorWith an unemployment rate that’s consistently been higher than the national average lately, it’s no surprise that thousands of Californians have to file for bankruptcy in The Golden State every single month. There are undoubtedly numerous Fair Oaks bankruptcy attorneys that can help out there, but the differences between these legal professionals can be vast. This is why everyone should know a few things to look for when picking their bankruptcy lawyer.

Specializes in Bankruptcy

Maybe the most important thing to look at is whether or not an attorney has extensive experience in bankruptcy law. In reality, any attorney could file the appropriate paperwork for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge, but an attorney who spends the bulk of their time engaged in another area of legal practice simply won’t have as much knowledge on the subject.

A bankruptcy attorney in Fair Oaks, for instance, will have working relationships with, and know the specific rules of, local bankruptcy trustees. This is essential if a person hopes to successfully file bankruptcy. In the end, an individual will thank themselves for the additional time spent finding an expert.

Discusses Different Options

It’s important to go with an attorney who knows all of the various options at one’s disposal. Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 filings, for instance, are two entirely separate things. Even the most fly-by-night bankruptcy attorneys, though, know this fact. It’s important to actually delve deeper.

A skilled bankruptcy attorney will also look into whether debt management is a possibility. In cases where they don’t think their client will be able to successfully file, they can help come up with other options. In some situations, the right solution is actually to do nothing (such as when a person is “judgment proof”). The right attorney will consider all of these options.

Watch out for Bankruptcy Mills

Lots of people have heard of “personal injury mills”. These are “legal firms” that take on as many cases as possible if they think they can win, and in the end, their main focus is to turn and burn as many cases as possible. They’re not often worried about whether or not the outcome is fair for their injured client; they’re more concerned with making a quick buck.

Sadly, there are bankruptcy attorneys out there who do the same thing. If, during the initial consultation, an attorney doesn’t see fit to meet with the client and instead has a paralegal handle the meeting, that’s a definite red flag. Also, simply asking how many cases an attorney handles can be a hint. If they’re handling more than 30 bankruptcy cases a month, they could potentially be a mill.

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