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California Bank Levies Attorneys

California Attorneys Solving Your Bank Levy Problems

Are you facing a bank levy? Talking to an attorney can be the best way to protect your rights. At Attorney Debt Reset, we help our clients push the reset button on their debt — avoiding bank levies and wage garnishments.

Our California, law firm combines the work of knowledgeable attorneys who have business backgrounds. We use our experience and skills to protect people from bank levies inside of and outside of bankruptcy. Many people find that bankruptcy is truly an option for them. If it is for you, we can help guide you through the process.

When Your Credit Card is Linked to Your Bank Account

Many people have credit cards or debit cards linked to their bank accounts. Unfortunately, if they fall behind on payments to their cards, the bank may be able to get a judgment against them. The bank can then levy the accounts that are in the person’s name.

At Attorney Debt Reset, we help our clients understand that banks do have a set of rights. We often suggest to them that, if they owe money, they keep their money in safe accounts.

Avoid Bank Levies. Contact a Lawyer.

If you have a bank credit card and are delinquent on the payments, the bank may come into your account and take out money for the payments. The best strategy is to call a lawyer before this happens. Call Attorney Debt Reset at 877.273.7383 or simply complete our online contact form.