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California Bankruptcy and Repossession Attorneys

Stop Repossession of Your Vehicle

Facing the possibility of losing your car or other possessions can be frightening, but many people don’t know that bankruptcy can stop repossessions. At Attorney Debt Reset we can help.

Our law firm offers legal help for people with financial trouble. We can often help in several ways:

  • Our lawyers may be able to file for bankruptcy before your car is repossessed.
  • We can also negotiate with your creditor to reduce the principle balance or change the credit terms.
  • If you have had your car repossessed recently and want to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, we can also make a motion in court to have the car returned to you.

At Attorney Debt Reset, our lawyers use their financial and legal experience to help you solve financial problems, like repossession. We have in-depth knowledge of the law and are fierce advocates for our clients’ rights.

Why Fight Repossession?

If your car is repossessed you could be held responsible for the difference between the balance owed on the car and the amount the creditor gets for it at auction. That forces many people into bankruptcy — even if they have no credit card bills or medical bills.

Working with a lawyer can help stop repossession and it can help get your car back. It can also help you protect your rights before it’s too late. If you think you may be in danger of repossession, contact Attorney Debt Reset immediately to find out what we can do to help. Call us at 877.273.7383 or simply complete our online contact form.