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California Rosenthal Act Lawyers

California Protection Against Lending Predators Attorney

Consumer Protection Under the California Rosenthal Act

Much like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Act, or simply the Rosenthal Act, is designed to protect consumers from the aggressive and illegal tactics employed by debt collectors when seeking payment on a debt.

At Attorney Debt Reset, we strive to help our clients deal with debt and debt collectors. California consumers are lucky to have the benefit of numerous consumer protection laws, both state and federal. No type of harassment is acceptable and many of the contacts from creditors or third-party collection agencies are illegal. Take action to stop the harassment with the help of our lawyers. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

We have years of experience helping clients protect themselves under the laws that have been established to limit the types and extent to which creditors and collection agencies can seek repayment on a debt. Our firm strives to help clients deal with creditors and regain control of their finances filing for bankruptcy, sending cease and desist letters, reorganizing debts and even litigating the most egregious violations of the Rosenthal Act.

Highlights of the Rosenthal Act:

  • Not only does this act protect you against unfair practices by a collection agency, the Rosenthal Act protects consumers against the original creditor (such as the credit card company).
  • Also, almost anything that violates the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act also violates the Rosenthal Act. This means double protection for California consumers.
  • The protection of the Rosenthal Act also extends to repossession agencies.
  • There may be damages that the creditor must pay for violating the Rosenthal Act which can help you pay for your bankruptcy.

Stop Creditor Harassment and Reset Your Debt

Take action and stand up for your rights if you are being harassed by creditors. Push the reset button on your debt and start fresh today. Contact our California Rosenthal Act lawyers at Attorney Debt Reset at 877.273.7383 or simply complete our online contact form.

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