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California Reaffirmation Agreement Attorneys

Should I Sign a Reaffirmation Agreement?

Once you file bankruptcy, you are no longer personally liable for the debt. In order to survive the bankruptcy, that debt has to be reaffirmed. A reaffirmation is an agreement to pay the debt according to the terms of the original agreement. The reaffirmed debt is then legally enforceable by the creditor until it is paid. If a reaffirmation is not signed and filed with the court in a timely manner, you may not be held responsible for the debt you dismissed in personal bankruptcy.

At Attorney Debt Reset our consumer bankruptcy attorneys represent people facing financial problems by helping them push the reset button on their debt. Often, we are asked whether or not our clients should sign a reaffirmation agreement with a creditor. The answer depends on your personal situation but many may not want to sign the reaffirmation agreement, because it makes them personally liable for the debt.

Avoiding Reaffirmation of Debt with a Lawyer’s Help

Reaffirmations put you on the hook for the debt after a bankruptcy. If you are making payments you should discuss your situation with an attorney before taking action on a reaffirmation.

A reaffirmation can affect the repossession of vehicles, and also affect mortgages and car loans involved in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. These effects should be discussed with a lawyer before deciding on a course of action.

Do you have questions about a reaffirmation agreement? Take action and push the reset button on your debt today. Call Attorney Debt Reset at 877.273.7383 or simply complete our online contact form.