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Important Tips

California Get Out of Debt Lawyers

Important Tips for Dealing With Debt Issues and Collectors

At Attorney Debt Reset, we understand the stress and anxiety that debt can cause. Our firm is dedicated to helping clients regain control of their finances to find a way out. Below are some of the tips we recommend that clients follow when dealing with debt collectors. To learn more, please contact our office to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

  • You have a right to be treated with respect. Don’t let debt collectors put the fear in you.
  • The law is on your side. Both the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the California Rosenthal Act were enacted to protect consumers just like you.
  • Even if you owe the debt you are entitled to be treated with dignity.
  • Keep detailed notes of all communications with debt collectors and creditors.
  • Note the time and date of each call.
  • Note whether the call was automated.
  • Note the name and employee ID (if available) of any debt collector who calls you.
  • Note any type of threats of legal action or any other type of threat.
  • Note upon which debt the collector is calling.
  • Take the notes when the call is fresh in your mind.
  • These notes often prove pivotal when establishing your case.
  • Remain calm at all times.
  • Don’t engage in argument with a debt collector.
  • Advise the debt collector you know your rights and refuse to be harassed.
  • If you request in writing that a debt collector stop calling you, they may no longer call you in an attempt to collect on the credit card or other debt.

Push the Reset Button on Your Debt Today

If you feel that you’re being treated disrespectfully or unfairly, contact Attorney Debt Reset to speak with an attorney who will help enforce your rights. Our California bankruptcy attorneys at Attorney Debt Reset offer risk-free complimentary consultations. Call us at 877.273.7383 or simply complete our online contact form.

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